Q. What does the process look like when I choose flooring services with 1st Class Cleaning & Flooring?

A. At our flooring store in Ephrata, PA, you'll choose from a large selection of quality flooring styles. Our professionals will walk you through all of your options and help you find the best flooring style for your space. Also, installing your own floors may seem like a straightforward task, but only a professional can ensure a seamless flooring installation service. 1st Class Cleaning & Flooring guarantees beautiful flooring by providing:

  • High-quality materials - We carry premium flooring brands to offer you the best and most reliable flooring options.
  • Uniform installation - With 20 years of experience, our experts can install your ideal flooring to the highest standards.
  • Long-term durability - With proper installation the first time, you can enjoy your new floors for a lot longer.

Q. How do I demo the look of your floors in my home?

A. Using your computer or cell phone,

  1. Go to Floors.com/MyRoom,
  2. Upload a photo of your room,
  3. Swap out different floors in seconds.

No apps or downloads needed! #interiordesign #homeremodelv

Q. What does Water Damage Restoration process look like with 1st Class Cleaning and Flooring?

Water extraction - We'll extract all flood water out of your building and professionally dry everything in the affected area.
Damage assessments - We will inspect your entire property for water damage and determine the repairs that need to be done.
Damage restoration - We'll complete all water damage restoration, including repairing drywall and trim, sanitizing carpets and painting.

Q. Why should I get my floors professionally cleaned?

A. Your floors and furniture may fall victim to spills and mud tracks on a daily basis. 1st Class Cleaning & Flooring offers deep-cleaning services that can:

  • Extend the life of your carpet or rugs
  • Remove dirt and bacteria from grout
  • Get rid of pet and wet carpet odors
  • Provide a healthier living environment
  • Enhance your property value and appearance

Q. What does Tile Shower Installation process look like with 1st Class Cleaning and Flooring?

A. We'll take the shape of your bathroom and design a beautiful shower stall with built-in shelving and seating. From demolition to completion, we'll do the job right. You can trust us to give you a clean and functional tile shower.

Detailed designs - We'll professionally cut and lay personalized tile designs to give your shower a unique look.
Reliable seals - Our tile installers will ensure your grout is sealed and protected from cracks or water damage.
Long-lasting results - With our professional installation, you don't have to worry about loose tiles or crumbling grout.

Q. What kind of cleaning products do you use?

A. Trip Mounted Steam Cleaning

Q. What's the drying time for carpet and upholstery?

A. 3-4 hours